so I’m going to be fast. Because you are a new fandom ( a young and cute fandom) I’m going to give you some advices:

1 Talk with everyone in the kadam fandom, is the best way to start to be friends and found amazing people.

2 You can create a chat, is super fun

3 Keep your tag clean, block the RPs if you don’t like it, Right Now!! is more easy when there is just a couple of them

4 Don’t answer te anon hate, is the best way.

5 Don’t send anon hate, if you don’t like something you can say  it but put your name.

6 Reblog every draw or fic. In that way new people is going to join in the tag.

7 Make vids!! Chose the best songs and make vids!!! I’m pretty sure than you are going to have more than a couple of amazing vids makers.

8 If you need help I’m sure than a lot of people (including myself of course) in the kurtbastian fandom is going to give you a hand (in the more pure way of the words), even if there a lot of people who think in our ship like a crack ship everyday we win a more big fandom, and let me tel you, is amazing to have friends like this crazy man and girls. We are pretty sexual about or ship but beside that part we believe in the freedom of Seb and Kurt thanks to the love than they found in each other (and beside the gay sex, we love kitties!!!)

So, Welcome Kadam Fandom!!!


With Love, danny

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