I really want to know more about you so if you are fangirling about kurtbastian I really want to know. And the tag is the better place. Don’t be shy. If you want to write a fic and you want to tell us, do it!! tag your thoughs. I realliy love some people of this fandom and I want to see your post in the tag. If you want to liveblogging a fic, do it too!! Sometimes I found fics in that way, when you are reading and post about that. I love seeing the tag with post like that. About everyone enjoying the fandom and the fics and the vids. Please, don’t stop tagging your post just because somebody say is a irrelevant post. I care. That is why the kurtbastian fandom is so amazing, because we care about everyone here. We can’t lose that.

With love, danny

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    Some people just aren’t happy unless they’re robbing others of happiness to make themselves feel better. What have...
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    Honestly, can we stop this? Obviously this post is meant for did-you-really-have-to-tag-that person and I remember the...
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